Get Fit Girls

This campaign is for the girls, literally.

Introducing GetFitGirls: a tool that generates personalized GIF workouts and helps women of all shapes and sizes discover the all-new C9 sports bra styles.

Just enter your name and make a few style selections, from there you’ll get a customized GIF workout and bra recommendation. Brawsome, right!

Now, would you dare to try the Kanye workout? I heard it will B-U-R-N you out.

Photographer: JUCO

Art Direction

OMG, look at that bra.

To celebrate the girls we went with a feminine and vibrant color palette. It’s a spring collection after all! Inspired by James Turrell we created a set of three beautiful and seamless gradient backdrops. For once in my career, I can say gradients are H-O-T! The end result it’s a stylish real-women workout.

Here you can see a few workouts, beauty shots, and GIF animations. We shot the full alphabet practically in spot motion, so we had plenty to create unique and shareable content across social media.

If you want to start working out visit GetFitGirls . Go ahead and get FIT, FAB & FIERCED.

Some of the GIFs workouts