Diet Coke: Drink Out Loud

drink out loud

our campaign is all about the stans who love us.
diet coke “stans” as the kids like to say (wait, are the kids still saying that?)
we stan our diet coke stans.

and what better way to show them love than to make them
thirsty with the one thing they love most?
but this won’t just be the same ol’ same ol’ product porn,
because there’s one thing that sets us apart.
our tone. we’re bold. we’re unapologetic.
and sure, it helps that our product is iconic.

Director & Photographer: Martin Wonnacott 

Creative Direction

We had the opportunity to create new iconic brand assets. No more CG cans but instead mesmerizing, bold and playful scenes. All while pushing the can aesthetics to make it feel unapologetically interesting.