Written by the Internet


As part of the Written by the Internet campaign,
#real #hashtags brought #laughter and #levity to ‘tis
unhinged holiday campaign
starring Jennifer Coolidge.

#Happy #Holidays #!!!

Director: Guy Shelmerdine


Written by the Internet

We asked ourselves: As a brand that stands for ACCESS,
what if we gave the keys of the campaign to our biggest fans?
For a year, we turned to the Internet to co-create our ads from a Tik Tok
to the universal language of the internet …. hashtags.

Here are some of my faves!  ✨



Emoji Fire

With inspiration taken from the original Tok, we used the language of the internet — emojis to bring BTS to life.

Director: Pensacola


Best Kept Secret

If you want the real reel, you tap real users’ comments on ON’s denim highlighting quality, fit and style.

Director: Pensacola


Dog Wedding

Old Navy gave people what they were searching for. Literally. All the amazing looks were featured at a glam dog’s wedding.

Director: India Harris



For the final chapter, we continued using the internet’s hottest dopamine searches for an epic road trip.

Director: India Harris