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      Hola, Hello!


      It’s me, Patricia.

      I’m an award-winning creative with a design and art direction background with experience working in fashion, entertainment, retail, food, and electronics. Aside from making pretty things I’m a mean foodie and a dog lover.

      During my career, I have worked on small accounts with a scrappy DIY mentality as well as major national accounts with luxe budgets. In the end, it’s all about the big idea and how to make them come to life in a meaningful way.

      Be nice. Work smart. Have no ego. Travel & drink more champagne. Those are all my goals.

      Before you click away, go ahead and take a look at my Instagram feed above to know a bit more about me. Please don’t be jealous of my #foodporn pics.





      Be social

      Hello stranger, look me up! Hopefully you will get to know me a bit more. And no stranger, I will not give you my Facebook account.


      C // 305.788.2001

      E // [email protected]

      Fun Facts

      • Foodie at heart
      • I don’t reheat food
      • I <3 Ricky Martin
      • And the color purple
      • Don’t have a middle name
      • Love, Love, Love the beach