:30 The Peanuts Gang Auditions Themselves

My 10 year old self was pretty excited about this project.
I LOOOVE SNOOPY! But seriously who doesn’t?

For the first time, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang from Charles M. Schulz’s gets together to audition real kids to play them in their Target commercial.
Would they make the cut? I guess you have to see it to find out.

Director: Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick // Psyop




Snoopy goes rogue and leaks Bullseye’s audition blooper reel on twitter (ay ay ay!) spurring a friendly jibe between the two pups. Celebrities, man! Fans and dog-lebrities went crazy on twitter and social media, even E! reported on the incident.

E! Story


Dubmash, you blockhead! 

I’m pretty sure you have heard about Dubsmash, the super-shareable, super-popular new audio app. All the cool kids are doing it. This time around Target was the first retailer to partner with Dubmash to give fans an opportunity to be part of the Peanuts gang with exclusive Peanuts movie dubs!

It was pretty hilarious. Check them out!